We Must Reject The Hate You Gave

Desiraé Simmons Submitted by Julia Bayha

How many ways do I have to see 

The hate you give?

How many examples are enough

So I may simply live?

When can I cry uncle and you’ll agree

I’ve paid a high enough price to finally be 


Where can I feel safe?

Where can I be safe?

Where do I even learn what that even means? 


What do I imagine it will be like

To see love all around me?

What colors and sounds fill my dreams

While I sleep so peacefully?

Who would have thought that day would be 

As far away as the tops of those California 

Redwood trees?

Why do you act this way?

Why do we act this way?

Why can’t I learn to just accept this way?


It hurts so much to hold this hate.

It hurts so much to believe this hate. 

The only answer is us. 

We must heal ourselves.

We must heal one another. 

We must love, not hate. 

Because I wouldn’t wish this burden on anyone. 

Not one, but us.

That’s when we know we’ve won!