Spring’s Symphony


What’s that wet, willing, wistful wind that’s dancing in the air? It’s Pisces! The season of empathy, fluidity, and bringing the symphony that we’ve been composing since last year’s Spring Equinox to a wonderful heart-wrenching climax. It’s fitting that this season is the realm that we’ll travel backwards into our psyche, memories, and dreams to find gems that we’ll need to take with us into this new year. This retrograde is not one to dread. Sure, dbl check things, tape your keys to your body, and don’t drive around on E—but this astrological siesta is mostly about what’s been happening on the inside this year. Things, people, thoughts, transformations that merit reflection just now. On March 9th Mercury gets back in forward motion and we’ll be good and soggy with sentiment. March 11th will be a day to circle and wish on a star. By March 20th we’ll be ready to dry out in the sun, and hang our hopes out to catch a spring breeze and take flight; ready to dig our fingers into fresh earth and manifest our hopes and intentions for the new year. This is very important. Spring Equinox is perhaps the most significant astrological holy day, and this year it will be very potent, in this year 2020 on the 20th. The repetition of numbers symbolizes the portals into the spiritual realm that await if you know how to approach the door and knock, here are some clues as to what awaits (read your Sun & Rising Sign for more clarity).

Spring Equinox Epiphanies:

Aries: This new year will have you feeling brand new, Aries. You know what you need to leave behind. In many ways you have New Year’s in your pocket at all times, but this year you have many blessings surrounding your career sector and status. I know, I know, not romance… that will come. Focus, focus, Aries. Strategy is your forte, get back on the right, red road. Get out your feelings and get in that bag, get your head in the game. Love is all around you.

Taurus: You’re adventurous at very specific times Tau-Tau, and this year is going to be one of them. You’ll be bitten by the wanderlust bug and when that spring breeze comes calling your name, answer it. Start now and plan the trip of a lifetime. It will be life-changing, and you need a voyage, a quest, an adventure that you’ll never forget. We need new people, places, and experiences to shape our understanding of the world. Action and planning will be rewarded this year, planned fun; plan fun. 

Gemini: Money isn’t your favorite topic my little Gems, but when it’s coming to find you just be grateful. Also, be sure you know what to do with it. Mars and Jupiter will be throwing you a lifeline for the new year, but don’t spend it unwisely—there will be eclipses in your sign this year, and it will shake things up for you. It won’t necessarily be in regards to finances, but when has having extra money ever hurt a situation? Never. So stack that cash, get your hands on some black tourmaline, and tell those eclipses to bring it, you’re not (that) scared! 

Cancer: Oh Cancer, how is your heart, dear? It’s been through a lot since these eclipses in December and January. This year the focus will be on your relationships, but it may not be the news you were hoping for. The planets are stacked opposite your sign in your romance sector, and that means that things are either extremely good or extremely bad. You know deep down what’s best for your heart. You are welcome to wait and let the eclipse shake things up for you, but it’s always better if you accept reality and work with whatever comes—you can’t control everything, but you can work with anything. 

Leo: Since this is the new astrological year let’s talk about resolutions, Leo. What is it about your routine that needs a revolution? What can you do to elevate your health? Try going meatless, cut down on sugar, get the 7 min workout app, anything! Even a small change will be rewarded, and with Venus in Aries it’s a good time to get cute and have it together hunni—you deserve the best my little felines and that’s what the Universe has waiting for you this year. Effort is half the journey; don’t be a Lazy.

Virgo: Virgo you have more love to give than most of us, so I’m happy to announce that your true love sector will be live and energized by several planets—the possibility is endless. Keep in mind that this is happening in Capricorn however, so you may have to get out and meet people the old-fashioned way. You don’t mind certain traditions tho. It’s actually romantic, and you could use a romantic new year: wear pink, blush, soft peachy colors. Count your breaths when you’re overwhelmed, be still and your heart will bloom.  

Libra: When I say that your home sector will be your focus this new year, I don’t just mean aesthetically, Libra. Sure, change up the decor, build a little alter, make space for more, get into some gardening… but what I’m really hoping for you Libra, is that you have the breakthrough you need with your family. Your chosen and your blood. You probably already feel these themes emerging in your life. Open up; go with it. Wear your green, carry an amethyst and go with it. You will have a lot of moments where your heart feels full. 

Scorpio: To my deep and powerful Scorpios, happy New Year. This year communication is going to be your focus. Yes. And, it will be very clear and very simple, if not a little foreboding. If you do not work on communicating, it will create problems and delay or defer blessings. Don’t self-sabotage Scorpio. You have to let people in, and with the eclipses this year the Universe is willing to let you learn the hard way. The hard way is unnecessary. The path of least resistance is best—have courage! You know what’s waiting on the other side of fear. 

Sagittarius: You’ve been a wild child for the last year or so Sagittarius, and as the big planets continue to sober up you might feel a little more serious this year. This is good. You needed inspiration, you needed adventure, and so now relish the opportunity to turn the past few years into something special. Whatever ventures and hopes you have found yourself drawn to during the last year is where you will need to channel your discipline and planning. Don’t worry Sag, as always, fortune is on your side, and fortune favors you. 

Capricorn: Capricorn, it’s go time. I know you don’t like to rush but this wind beneath your wings won’t last forever, and you’re so ready for this. You will find yourself being appreciated and celebrated this year, and whatever it is you have a mind to do with this blessed year the doors will be open for you. This is a great year to be you, make sure you’re giving and benevolent—don’t make the Universe regret these favors Cap, abundance is all around you. There is no shortage of bliss, wealth, love, or happiness. 

Aquarius: I’m gonna go ahead and lean into the futuristic cliche for you Aquarians. The new year will be a good new start, but I think the focus should be a little further out, at the end of March and April. Mars will move into your sign on the 30th, and an especially sweet new moon on April 22nd for you. Your career will get a boost, and your talents, specifically your creativity, will be rewarded. Stay your social, steadfast, and innovative self and stay in the day—there are signs all around us, but if you’re wondering if you see one, the color turquoise will confirm it. Look for it all year. 

Pisces: Happy New Year my little mermaids, the force has got a lotta power! You actually have two ruling planets, Pisces: Neptune the planet of illusion and dreams, and Jupiter your ancient ruler. They will meet up three times this year and the vibes are monumental for you. The first one was February 20th and the next will be July 27th, and in the meantime your social life will be the focus for you this year, you little socialite! Even if you’re shy, make the effort to stay in touch, meet that friend, get out of the house, your blessings are hidden in the hearts of others.