Letter to the Editors

Along with article submissions from the community, What’s Left periodically receives messages of support from readers. If you’d like to submit a story idea, inquiry, or send a message you can reach issue 5 co-editors Amber and Desiraé at contact@whatsleftypsi.com or here.



I first want to say how excited I am to have found your publication- in which I read your article on our horrible mayor (well, ex-mayor now). I was raised in Ypsilanti and lived there for 13 years before moving to Wayne County. I have seen the city change so much since then, in a lot of good ways and bad ways. I’m so proud to have it as my home town, in part because of projects like What’s Left. Ypsi is a strong town in a fight for true community-led leadership, and I want to support that if I can.

I would love to be added to your email list to stay up-to-date. Thank you again for everything you are doing!

All The Best,

Julian M