Through the Dark to December

by SoulGalaxyGirl

We may be approaching a sweet holiday season. I say this cautiously because I don’t want you to get too excited. Keep your expectations low, and stay grateful. Because last time I said Autumn would be amazing and….I dunno. Its kinda like predicting the weather innit? Maybe there WAS sun and a few clouds, but I don’t have a damn seismometer and so I couldn’t have predicted that emotional earthquake that hit you on this metaphorically sunny day could I.

This year Capricorn season is set to actually keep the vibes going after the annual Sag party, instead of providing a subdued, sobering morning-after mood. There’s a solar eclipse on Christmas that most say is blessed, but I thought eclipses can indicate earthquakes… Maybe they ARE linked.

On December 2nd, jovial Jupiter moves into Capricorn for a year and this will actually be a nice combination that paces Jupiter’s op-u-lence through all of 2020 until next December. The 27th is the best day of the year – circle it! Even after New Year’s there’s blessings. Mercury and Jupiter sway in a 2020 winter dance on January 2nd.

Here’s the thing tho…we have to get to December. Scorpio season, with a retrograde on Samhain, is the gatekeeper to this tentative promised land. My advice is to think of it like going through a haunted house: you’re gonna be petrified and you’ll wanna turn back; but you can’t, and some might even find this suffering fun and exhilarating. Suggestions to get through the dark to December:

Scorpio – Yes you know who you are. But do they? Even the ones that you want to know? Show them, let them in a little more. Sharing is caring. Self-care. Self- share. 

Sagittarius – Hear that? If you are really quiet and still you can hear it but only some of you have that kind of self-discipline. Wear purple, that may help. Capricorn – something is missing…if you hurry you might be able to double back and find it. When you do, be more careful okay? You usually take care of your irreplaceable things (and people), it’s weird we’re even having this conversation.

Aquarius – Sure, caring what people think gives them power over you. But if you are to be a catalyst for something very powerful you need people to trust you with theirs. You go first. Unless you’re scared. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Pisces – Did you feel that? Of course you did. You always do. Trying to assign meaning may be pointless, however, because sometimes there isn’t any. Typically things come to you when you stop trying so hard anyways, just don’t tell any lies, it’ll backfire.

Aries – Oooo the force has gotta lotta power, and this time its yours to wield. Face your fears because this deep magic calls for courage. This is your second season, be ready this time. Charge your crystals luv.

Taurus – You might be sick and tired of love but momma always said tired ain’t through. Are you there yet? Don’t feel bad for asking yourself that, no one has to even know you wonder. We know you’re the worst at goodbyes. *hug*

Gemini – What is this madness, this churning roiling wave trying to pull you under? Feels. Don’t fight, it can make you physically ill – go limp and let it carry you. Just drift for now there’s nothing else to do. 

Cancer – It’s okay that you don’t know who you are without them. Okay it’s really not, but it’s not a great time for addressing this, so don’t even worry about the fact that it probably doesn’t go both ways. It’s not actually supposed to.

Leo – You can be individual and also a pride player. There’s a reason you’re not a lone wolf; there are no wolves in the zodiac. And don’t wolves typically travel in packs? Exactly. So be nice. 

Virgo – Peace is thicker than water, and you don’t really owe anyone anything. Dance with your eyes closed, sigh out loud, and lay low – careful the s+m (social media), it’s not a good time to worry about anyone but yourself. 

Libra – If you loathe having to think about money, hang onto it, cause if you have it you don’t have to dwell on it. If you don’t, you do. We also need to talk about your jealousy thing at some point…it can wait!