Ypsi Hip-Hop Duo “The Dastardly Kids” Return

Alex Moroz
Ypsi Hip-Hop Duo “The Dastardly Kids” Return
“Delinquent” — Album front cover

The Dastardly Kids may not be youngins anymore, but their 2023 double 7” release Delinquent harnesses the raw energy bursting out of their tracks from a decade earlier. Staying close to their Ypsilanti upbringing, the two artists linked up with prolific Detroit producer Omar S and FXHE Records to share their love of transformative music. The vinyl came out looking fresh—with colors tied to the regal gold and red of the cover art designed by Sonny Dulphi of the Dastardly duo. The bold, mischievous image showcases the focus Pat2Dope and Sonny bring to their sound while holding on to the fun of creation.

The first track “4 Ever Dastardly” sets the stage for the return of this musical friendship and an exposure to the talents they have honed on their separate artistic journeys. The song embodies an honest expression of compassion and appreciation for the artistic process cultivated from years of friendship and exploration. The choppy drumbeat and ethereal synth drive the track’s flow while leaving space for the lyrical foreplay.

At the heart of the Dastardly friendship is fun and hip-hop. “Bu$$ the Bank” takes you into their comic world of cops and robbers. Updating the gangsta rap sound of the late 90’s, the Dastardly Kids continue to tap into their hip-hop roots by voicing imagery of action films and classic cartoons. The music video plays with these concepts as well, displaying the artists as criminal protagonists in a derelict world. “PESOS” exhibits a similar midwestern urban setting in its music video; although, the tone shifts out of the comic and back to the real world. The rhapsodic acrobatics of the Dastardly verses bob and weave through the track like Baki Hanma. With success as the objective, the duo lays out their goals to make waves in the industry by sheer force and willpower.

PESOS — single art

The rest of the release vivifies the versatility of the villainous Dastardly sound. “The Dastardly Love Song” and “Gag Reflex” break the emotional seal and delve into their intimate souls. The blended instrumentation smoothes the groove into an introspective space. The focus shifts from lust and love to the probing of pain in “Bodies Drop”. These two often-tapped emotional extremes carry their listener into the more complicated analysis of desire and fear depicted in “All I Wanna”. By critically looking inward, Pat2Dope and Sonny Dulphi find purpose through creative expression and lay it out confidently with the final track “What U Here Foe”.

The refinement of their voice and sound throughout the years is evident in their solo projects, but something magical happens when the Dastardly Kids join forces. Each song off Delinquent emits a unique perspective on music and hip-hop as they pushed the boundaries of the modern sound. Their inspirations poke through with a certain hi-hat hit or articulated spit; however, this release is something uniquely, unequivocally Dastardly.

Delinquent – https://omar-s.bandcamp.com/album/delinquent

Bu$$ the Bank – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3VGeG8hWEQ

PESOS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQL7_mAmII8

“Delinquent” — Album back cover