‘Stop Cop City’ Activists Protest Outside “Accident Fund,” An Insurer of Cop City

Sunrise Movement Ann Arbor
‘Stop Cop City’ Activists Protest Outside “Accident Fund,” An Insurer of Cop City
A sign held by a protester reads “ACCIDENT FUND CUT THE CONTRACT”

LANSING, MI — A group of activists from Sunrise Ann Arbor and associated organizations gathered outside of AF Group this Friday afternoon to protest the insurance company’s contract with the unpopular Cop City project. Accident Fund provides workers’ compensation insurance to Cop City, a proposal from the Atlanta, Georgia City Council to build a 381-acre police training camp and cut down 85 acres of their local Weelaunee forest. Protesters called on Accident Fund and its CEO, Lisa Corless, to cut their ties with the project and consider its devastating impact on police militarization and the environment.

“Cutting ties with Cop City wouldn’t just send an important message, it would also hinder its completion. Accident Fund has the power to prevent this disastrous project and protect future generations—but they are more interested in filling their pockets,” states Clarice, an organizer from Sunrise Ann Arbor. “I can see AF looking at the issue like, it’s just one forest. It has never been just one forest. Anyone who is complicit in the further destruction of our planet is making an informed choice.”

The activists arrived outside of the building with signs and flyers. Protesters on megaphones explained the devastating ecological impact of Cop City while Accident Fund employees peered out through massive glass windows. The protesters blew whistles as they chanted “cut the contract,” making it clear they were committed to revealing the truth about Accident Fund’s dirty ties. The onlookers soon lowered the blinds, signifying their refusal to admit their own part in worsening temperatures and air quality in Atlanta—and ultimately worldwide.

A flyer reads “PROTECT THE ATLANTA FOREST” followed by more text

“The Quebec forest fires have shown us how ecological devastation in a place that seems far away can still impact us here,” explains Artie, another Sunrise organizer, regarding why people should care about Cop City here in Michigan. “Because of our proximity to Accident Fund, those of us in Southern Michigan have a unique opportunity and responsibility to contribute to this important environmental justice movement.”

Sunrise Ann Arbor calls on Michigan residents to let Accident Fund and Lisa Corless know we will not stand for their part in the destruction of the Weelaunee Forest. Anyone interested can get involved by signing up for a phone zap at or contacting Corless on their own at lisa.corless@afgroup.com.