The Cosmic Storm of 2022

The Cosmic Storm of 2022

“My mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars”  

– Romeo (Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet)

The astrological event that we’ve been eyeing all year with foreboding has begun and will continue to unfold over the next two weeks. With the planets moving like pieces on a chessboard, there are moments of tension, hope, clarity, and dramatic conflict before us. When we see omens such as this, we’re faced with the challenge of sorting out what to say, what to focus on; how to prepare ourselves for turbulence. 

It should be said that not every transit will affect us equally. We should think of our birth charts as a circular house with 12 rooms. Now, imagine that all of the rooms are in various states. Some are unoccupied, some are not. Some may be crowded and loud, some dark and dusty, some positive, and others – not so much. 

A person’s individual connection with each planet is paramount, so we focus on the ascendant for clues as to which rooms these transits are happening, and which planets we’re tethered to, in order to suggest things to think about in preparation. 

Place: Leo, Taurus (and Aquarius)

Planets: Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter

Transit:  New moon in Leo, Mercury squares Mars, Mercury squares the N. Node, Mercury squares Uranus, Mercury opposes Saturn, Sun trines Jupiter.

The main transits this week are occurring in the sign of Leo (and Taurus next week). The souls that were born with a fixed zodiac sign on the horizon will be the most affected. Also, if you have a lot of planets in Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius. It’s important to remember that these squares and oppositions happen one after the other, and the relentless rhythm of them, over the next two weeks (in the same area of our lives), is why we consider this one of the biggest events of 2022.

Fixed Signs

Leo Ascendant – Believe it or not, there is a beautiful moment of true renewal on Thursday in the midst of the cosmic storm with the new moon at 1:55 est. This is happening in your first house of self. From that place of self, there will be tension from Mars and Uranus in your 10th house of career, and Saturn in your 7th house of love and partnership on Sunday. Whatever is happening in these areas of life specifically, the important thing will be to stay rooted in who you are and let the chips fall where they may. The best thing you can do in times like these, is what you do best – shine.

Taurus Ascendant – The new moon reminds you that whatever is going on in life, your safe space is vital. Home isn’t just a house, it can be a person, or our chosen tribe. Mercury will be disrupting your first house of self from the 4th house of home, family, roots, and refuge so those themes will be activated, as well as your 10th house of career on Sunday. In what ways does your family shape who you are? In what ways should they? Situations around family and home can be a lot, but it will be important to speak up for yourself – just make sure it’s not something you might later wish you didn’t say.

Scorpio Ascendant – The new moon in Leo renews your 10th house of career and recognition giving you new insight into where you want to be by this time next year. The tension between Mercury in your house of career is coming from your 7th house of partners. How are your relationships creating conflict with your ambitions and endeavors? You’re the type to consider carefully before acting, and that’s exactly what you should do once you understand any problems that erupt. At the end of the week the focus may shift to family, but the advice is the same.  

Aquarius Ascendant – The new moon in your 7th house of love and partnership is a moment of reassurance in the midst of new realizations about your love life. With Mercury in loveland squaring off with planets in your 4th house of home, family, and roots you may see a connection between your family, or your childhood and how that affects your ability to connect. As someone who often considers your feelings from a comfortable distance, you’ll need to find that balance of feeling the feels, as well as knowing which ones to pay attention to, and which feelings are fleeting.

Mercurial Signs

Virgo Ascendant – The new moon in your 12th house of secrets and obstacles may provide a moment of clarity on how you may self-sabotage, or succumb to negative thinking. With your ruler Mercury creating tension to your 9th house of higher self, learning, and beliefs, you may need to consider ways that spirituality can draw you out of dark places, and bring you into the light. There will be signs, look for them.

Gemini Ascendant – The new moon in your 3rd house of the mind, siblings, and day to day life is a good time to reset your routine. Mercury is there dredging up triggers and potentially old wounds in your 12th house of secrets that weigh on your mind. The best thing you can do is shed light on those things (or people) so they don’t hide in corners. Let mindfulness see you through these next few weeks. Not everything has to be said. Pick your battles, especially if it’s one with yourself.

Mutable Signs

Pisces Ascendant – The new moon in your 6th house of health, work, and sacrifice feels like a rest, or a new way to find balance in your body. Mercury will try to make it very clear what ways your health is directly affected by your mental state, as it zeros in on your daily life and routine. There will also be insight into the ways you can take better care of yourself. Slow it down; all the way down. Better to be preventative than reactive when it comes to your mental, emotional, and ultimately physical health. 

Sagittarius Ascendant – The new moon in your 9th house of the higher self, God, travel, and beliefs might have you feeling connected to your beliefs, and your higher power. It’s very possible to be receiving divine signs and messages regarding your 6th house – but with the topic of discussion being your health, and work, it may not be what you were hoping for. Slow down, and trust that, by doing the work of taking care of yourself and walking a soulful path, you’ll come out of this cosmic turbulence with flying colors.

Martial Signs

Aries Ascendant – The new moon in your 5th house of creativity, fun, and individuality means inspiration is everywhere for you. With Mercury facing challenges from Mars and Uranus in your 8th house of intimacy and obligation, there is a chance you could find yourself burdened with cosmic debt, if you’re not careful. Evaluating your priorities becomes more and more important as this astrology plays out, and decisions start to affect other areas in ways you can’t undo. So make good ones; you want to be happy with your choices once the party’s over, not taking the walk of shame.

Cardinal Signs

Cancer Ascendant – The new moon in your 2nd house of worth could mean new opportunity, or a deep understanding of how being yourself only increases your gains. Mercury has a lot to say about your worth, and it will meet challenges from your 11th house of friends somehow. Sometimes we think things are about us, that aren’t, you’ll have to discern that. You have a few weeks to see if a change in personnel is in order regarding your social circle. Communication is the advice – don’t ruminate in solitude on things that really require clarification. 

Libra Ascendant – The new moon in your 11th house of friends, hopes, and alliances might be a special moment that reminds you why you love the people you find yourself surrounded by. You’ll need to remember this as Mercury squares off with planets in your 8th house of intimacy, and obligation. The people closest to you affect you more directly and if being tethered to someone proves to be more consequential than you can handle, it might be time to move some folks from the 8th house of close ties and the debt they carry, to the 11th house of more light-hearted friendship. 

Capricorn Ascendant – The new moon in your 8th house of intimacy and obligation can signal the progression of a relationship into more serious waters. Mercury in this house facing off against planets in your 5th house of creativity and enjoyment can really highlight how it’s all fun and games until you have real commitments. By the time Mercury squares Saturn in your 2nd house of money Sunday, you might want to think about the cost of aligning yourself with others so closely. Let it play out, and don’t agree to something you didn’t really think through.