Cosmic Storm [Week 2]


The cosmic storm rages on, with the conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus at 7:53pm. This transit will be felt as a shock on a global scale,  with lasting murmurings – but there are so flourishes of nice vibes from venus in Cancer to soothe us, and the words to express ourselves beautifully with Mercury in its exaltation in Virgo. We’ll need this as the final square to Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday ends this cosmic event.

Aug 1st Monday – Mars conjunct Uranus, and North Node [Taurus].

Aug 2nd Tuesday – Venus [Cancer] sextiles Uranus and Mars [Taurus]

August 4th – Moon [Libra] squares Pluto [Capricorn]. Mercury moves into Virgo [its home and exaltation].

Aug 7th – Mars [Taurus] Square Saturn [Aquarius]

Leo Asc- What is it you’re meant to give to the world? How are your relationships creating tension with your dreams? There may be some refuge in your subconscious now.

Virgo Asc – What about your beliefs have been shaken up? Is it a new person, or place? How is your body pulling your focus and reminding you to take care? Asking an ally for help can turn things around.

Libra Asc- What has you re-evaluating your closest connections and the ways they cost us? How is that creating a strain on your creativity and individuality? Work on what you love and things will fall into place.

Scorpio Asc – What is undergoing a transformation in your romantic life and partnerships? How does your upbringing, or roots affect how you show up in relationships? Getting spiritual, mindful, or waxing philosophical may provide some insight.

Sagittarius Asc- What about your health (mental, physical, emotional) should you be addressing right now? Is your routine, and the people you talk to everyday helping or hurting? A loved one may make the difference right now.

Capricorn Asc – Does something have you feeling like you can’t be present or choose yourself? or is something (or someone) costing you? who’s putting a smile on your face these days?

Aquarius Asc – Where is the tension regarding your family, or upbringing coming from? How does your self-identity play a part? Self-care is rewarded right now.

Pisces Asc – Why does something feel off about your day to day? If there is some kind of upheaval right now could that be a good thing? Get creative, spend time with yourself.

Aries Asc – Is something funny about your money right now? If socializing had to cost less what would that look like? Focus on home for starters. 

Taurus Asc – Change is happening from the inside out, are you feeling growing pains? How are your dreams changing? Quality time with yourself is helpful.

Gemini Asc – How are secrets affecting your life? And your moral compass? Self-worth could be the answer.

Cancer Asc  – Is there upheaval in your social life? Is it starting to stress you out in other areas? Center yourself and self-reflection.