Let’s Have a Ball This Fall if that’s All There Is

Let’s Have a Ball This Fall if that’s All There Is

The last time Jupiter and Pluto had a rendezvous it was around the turn of the Century, and we got the Spanish Flu. This year they met up in March and April during the first global wave of Covid-19. Again in late June (resurgence), and…it will meet up once more this fall. Around November 12th all planetary signs point to another wave. The good news is that it may be all resolved by mid-January. The bad news is that Autumn may usher in a retreat to the stay-in-place vibe. I could be wrong, I hope I am. Either way enjoy this Equinox like it’s the last opportunity you will have for Fall festivities…it very well may be. My advice to all of you is to step away from social media while you can. Go outside—breathe in the fresh air, look at the leaves, listen for the voice of the wind. Let the Equinox whisk you away on its Libra autumn breeze, it will seem like you have all the time in the world to reflect on it afterwards. 

illustration by Jah

Virgo – [Ace of Swords] It’s as if a refreshing autumn breeze has arrived in your heart and it is whispering new ideas. Romance…dreams…and here’s a wild one: self-care. Things will slow down…slow down with it—especially if its spending, but you already know that. Quiet your mind, allow yourself to retrograde and let someone in. Hibernation is always better with a partner, and you’ve got good options right now. Rarely do I see this kind of romantic energy surrounding Virgo—have fun! But make sure to put yourself before anyone (or anything) else. A feat, I know. But you can do it. 

Libra – [Six of Pentacles] Ancient astrologers often spoke of utilizing the new moon before your birthday, so if your birthday falls before Oct 16th, you’ll want to jot down your grand schemes and wishes on Sep 17th darling Libra. You deserve all you can dream up. Your finances should be leveling out, and soon you will be feeling all the friendship vibes with your planet Venus in your social sector. Be generous with your time and effort while you can—it would be a shame to regret spending too much time and effort on your love life. That will be there. 

Scorpio – [Eight of Wands] If you feel like you’re in a race against time, and you’re running through quicksand it’s because your planet is in Retrograde. Rush, and you will have to go back and fix errors. Luckily, love and friendship will give you a pleasant distraction and peace of mind. You think you know what progress feels like, but sometimes it feels like standing still. Do so, and magic happens. Whether a person or a dream fulfilled, it’s worth it to find out.

Sagittarius – [Six of Wands] This new moon in virgo is in your career sector, and it’s just powerful enough to last a year if you flex it right Sag. With Mars in your 5th house of True Love for most of the year love can seem confusing, especially with the back and forth. Just take your time Sag. I know that’s a foreign idea, but it’s worth it. All signs point to a victorious Autumn so pay attention to your heart, it will know what it wants if you give it time and quiet to say so. This Autumn it’s a stroke of luck to be a Sag—trust me. 

Capricorn – [The Emperor] Ooo why so serious? Jus kidding we all know why—you don’t play about your life, period. It’s admirable but you could loosen up a lil…in fact the first Major Arcana card to appear implies that this is not just a suggestion. This new moon in your 9th house of travel, philosophy, higher learning, and new experiences could have you feeling more carefree (which, let’s face it, you prob need it). Things will be looking up by the Equinox and you may get hit with a case of Wanderlust just as it’s time to withdraw into our homes—trust yourself on how to satisfy that craving safely. If there’s anyone who knows how to make the best of rules and guidelines, it’s you Cappy. 

Aquarius – [Ace of Pentacles] So yes, money is not your favorite topic, but I promise that focusing on this now will be worth it—there’s only good that will come of it with this new moon and Equinox. Two weeks later will be your time, the full moon on Oct 1st will be a dazzling vibe. Make plans, let yourself get carried away on the autumn wind. There will be shifts in your love life and all of it meaningful. If your heart wanders, it doesn’t make you a bad person, just be mindful of how to proceed. Do things the right way or it will come back for you to deal with.

Pisces – [Wheel of Fortune] Romeo said “O I am Fortune’s fool!” Well. The Wheel has spun and landed on a not-so-great financial situation my dear Fishes. The nature of this financial dilemma may not be your fault, but it is what it is innit. A lot of destiny is floating around you, I’m seeing agreements, commitment, fertility. The Equinox and new moon will be a nice ray of sunshine for you. Remember that wherever the wheel landed it will continue to spin, and destiny is negotiable. If you can, wait for the tide to turn to make any big commitments. If it’s not too late – avoid such decisions however you can my little mermaids (+mermen).

Aries – [Seven of Pentacles] Your planet is in retrograde, but it’s alllll good Aries. Because you’ve been working hard and now all signs point to harvest. Chickens are coming home to roost for you on all levels. Whatever didn’t get started just leave it for now. The beginning of September may have seen you nesting, getting your home vibe together…enjoy it. Don’t let restlessness get to you, if you do, it will be a very long retrograde. After the new moon there may be a new project to focus on. It may be a masterpiece Aries, but it will require patience and careful execution. If you can dig deep and apply both concepts, this will be an epic Autumn for you. Sep 28th would be the day to shoot your shot if you’re gonna (and you should).

Taurus – [Nine of Swords] Taurus you good? Mars usually spends six weeks in a sign and this year it will spend 6 months in Aries. Right before it went retrograde, it approached your sign; halted, and reversed. So if you’re feeling frustration it’s understandable. Everyone is being affected by it unfortunately. But Mars hovering in your 12th house of secrets, subconscious, and all that’s beyond feels like an unfulfilled urge to sneeze. That’s not really your favorite vibe is it Taurus? This energy may foster more anxiety and worry than usual but fear not. The love vibes September has for everyone is especially long lasting for you. So yes, you will have shadow work you may have to do, but there is a reason for it (or perhaps a new person waiting on the other side). Mark your calendar for Jan 6th 2021 that’s go time for what you’re planning now.

Gemini – [The Hanged One] A Major Arcana edict to chill is just what you need Gemini. September is all about love, money, and friends. For you (and Sag) the planets favor your finances the most—la! Even Mars isn’t really phasing you, you’re cool with the red planet, and it’s in your 11th house of friendship (a pretty good place tbh). Old friends or old issues with your social circle could reappear. 3 planets are having a convo here in this 11th house, and not all of them are benefic angles so be mindful of that. Your planet will retrograde but I see you making the most of the downtime. Write, read, recharge. Venus is busy trying to send you a hookup with money and career but there may be some nice romance vibes in it for you around the Equinox. Just stay hanging with a serene smile of acceptance Gemi baby and Autumn will not only be a lovely season, but you’ll come out of it with a gold star. 

Cancer – [Seven of Swords] Cancer, Cancer…I wish I had better news for you. Things with your career and finances are stressing you. Mars is giving you the hardest time of all, and Mercury will join the party soon. During this new moon and Equinox, ask the Universe to give you intuition. Your creativity and art are so important to you, and not making the progress you hoped for is a bummer. Pushing harder will only make it worse, unfortunately. If the theme of September is love, money, and friendship—I think friendship is the thing to focus on. Jealousy is a theme somehow. Whether it’s a lover who is jealous, or it’s you (or both), it aint good. Sage and black tourmaline can go a long way my tender Crab. Things will get better. This may be good inspiration—there’s always a way to turn things around.

Leo – [Empress] Leo your season has come and gone but you can’t tell. The Autumn energy will be a second wave of inspiration and creativity. With this new moon and Equinox “performance” is the name of the game. With planets going retrograde it’s a time to dig deep, inspiration comes from within (especially with you). It’s time to give birth to a new project, Venus is moving into your sign and affecting your status. There will be haters, you may need to stand up for yourself or opt to pay them no mind—as bright as you shine, there is no shadow for ill-wishers to hide. Love will blossom for you this season, but pay attention to the 26th, 27th, and finally the 28th will be a day to remember. In Harry Potter there was an elixir called “Felix Felicitus” that makes you the luckiest person for a day. Looks like you have 3 days you lucky Feline. Happy Autumn to you.