A Short List of Problematic Menu Items in Ypsilanti Eateries

by Sheffield Cook

“Crack in a Sack” — Ypsi Alehouse

These problematic corn puffs are on proud and distasteful display at the Alehouse. Made in Plymouth, Michigan, the snack reportedly sells well and sits in a plexiglass case by the register.

We are hoping to hear them pick a new name. Maybe “Crack In A Sack” could take a page from HopCat’s book, who renamed their “Crack Fries” to “Cosmik Fries.” You can contact the snack makers at crackinasack.com.

“The Hobo” — Sidetrack Bar & Grill

We know it’s a train-themed restaurant, but in a city with a large homeless population, many of whom are underage, this isn’t a funny or appropriate moniker for a chicken sandwich.

“The Basic Chick” — Ma Lou’s

At first glance, it’s a decent pun, but this recent addition to our vernacular is an othering putdown and prototypically sexist.

“Man-Mosa” — Bobcat Bonnie’s

A bigger, stronger mimosa for the stronger gender, right? This branding is misguided and sad, and brings to mind the Sledgehammer branded wines “for the savvy manly man.”

Despite their recent opening, Man-Mosas may not be on the menu until sometime (perhaps never, fingers crossed) in the future, because full brunch service isn’t currently available at the Ypsi location.

REDACTED — Arbor Brewing Company

As an addendum, we want to congratulate Corner Brewery (ABC) for discontinuing a problematically named beer. Cheers!