What's Left Ypsilanti

Who gets to tell your story?

Dan Ackerman

As technology brings digital media into our pockets, we’ve become engaged with world events like never before. In seconds, we can learn about the news in countries and lives thousands of miles away in more detail than we’ll ever need to know.

This information has come at a cost. Printed news has adapted to these changes by focusing on stories with mass appeal, and local voices have been demoted to the walls and comment sections of social media.

Ypsilanti is a changing city brimming with stories. We at What’s Left want to give these stories a chance to be heard, and there’s nobody better to tell these stories than you.

If there’s a story that you want to tell about your neighborhood, let us know. If there’s a story that needs telling, but you don’t know how to tell it, let us know. If we published something that you loved, or something you felt we got wrong, let us know. What’s Left is dedicated to sharing the news of Ypsilanti and the people that live here, and will do our best to accommodate all requests that you send our way.

Issue no.1 of What’s Left has been researched, written, and published by passionate folks who have donated their time to creating a paper devoted to Ypsilanti’s stories. Please do what you can to help keep local news alive. Donations can be sent to us via Paypal:


If you want to help research, write, or publish What’s Left, let us know!

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