What's Left Ypsilanti

Totally Awesome Fest

Aaron Apsey

Late last month What’s Left sent (me) an attaché to cover what may have been THE MOST convoluted and Xtreme press release. I joined some of the organizers on the hallowed floors of Zap Zone where we blasted each other with laser rifles, and got obliterated by birthday party attendees while talking about the upcoming local cultural Xtravagana. I managed to learn some interesting things between the whooping and the zaps.

Check out Totally Awesome Fest

Totally Awesome Fest Xtreme takes place May 10th-12th all around Washtenaw county. It features local music, poetry, dance, pudding baths, and educational nonsense. The staff of What’s Left are more than Xcited to find out what happens. See you there.

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