What's Left Ypsilanti

Alive on Arrival


There was once a little girl that was going on a trip with her family. She was excited because she was going to fly and had never flown before. She spent her time getting ready — carefully packing for her trip. She packed summer clothes, her favorite blanket to sleep, and her best friend: her doll to love. Basically, she just packed all the necessities she would need into one small case. Her parents spent their time getting ready stuffing everything that was in their closets and dressers into four giant suitcases. Most of what the rest of her family packed wasn’t needed, but they couldn’t picture themselves without it.

The day of the trip they were running late to the airport. When they got there they had to rush to make it to their flight. Her family started to realize it was hard to move quickly while carrying all their bags. They thought since the little girl was young and strong and only had one little bag that she could carry some of their baggage. So, they gave her two suitcases to carry. They all rushed to get to the plane, but soon the little girl started to fall behind.

Eventually, she lost them in the airport, but she knew where the plane would be. So, she kept lugging the luggage to the plane. When she got there the plane had left. But, being a resourceful little girl, she told the lady at the desk and got another flight that left real soon on the other side of the airport. She lugged the luggage to the other flight. When she got there she found out she took too long and missed her flight. So, she told another person at the desk and got another flight leaving really soon on the other side of the airport. She knew now that if she ever wanted to get where she wanted to go, that she was going to have to leave the baggage of her parents behind. So, she got rid of the baggage she was carrying from her family and made it to her destination.

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